Insecure Writer’s Support Group

Welcome to this month’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

Purpose: To encourage writers who are struggling with various aspects of writing.

What am I insecure about this month? Trying to revise one of my books. You know how it is when you try different things. You think, okay this is coming along well. I think all the weak areas are fixed. Then the next day you wonder what made you think that? You keep finding more issues you didn’ t notice before, yikes.

This month’s question: Have you ever taken out a really old story and tried revising it? Did it work out?

I haven’t done that yet. Too busy working on the not-so-old ones. 🙂

Hope you have a great month, with only small worries.

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Insecure Writers Support Group


Hi everyone, please stop by to see what everyone has to say this month. We all encourage each other to do our best and persevere.
This month’s question:
Where do you think you’ll be in 5 years and how do you plan to get there?
Here’s my answer:

Five years from now I hope to have many other books published, including picture books. I hope my work is able to continue to inspire children to reach for their dreams.
Have a great month everyone. I hope your dreams come true.

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Meet amazing author Rhonda Patton

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5.0 out of 5 starsA wonderful book with an important message

ByDeanie Humphrys-Dunneon April 7, 2015

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

Ted and Raymond were friends their whole lives. Every morning they walked to school together. One day their friendship was tested, when the two frogs were approached by Grayson, the bully. Raymond made the wrong choice and Ted was very sad. But Ted’s Mom helped Raymond realize his
mistake. This is a beautifully told story with an important message that children, parents and teachers will value a great deal. Congratulations to author, Rhonda Patton for her lovely book. I highly recommend it. Children will also love the bright illustrations shared in the book.

Above is my review of Rhonda Patton’s wonderful book. I hope you check it out and write your own review for it.

Rhonda works tirelessly to create books that educate children. She is especially passionate regarding combating

bullying. Many of Rhonda’s books feature best frog friends Ted and Raymond.  Be sure to check them out.

Do you need book covers, banners, or videos? Rhonda is very gifted at all types of Art. She’s done both videos.


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Insecure writer’s Group: hints for you


It’s the first Wednesday of the month so we can talk about our worries or offer hints to our author friends. Thank you, Alex J. Cavanaugh for creating this blog for us. Be sure to stop by to check out everyone’s thoughts.

This month, I don’t have any new concerns so I”ll try to offer some hints.

Let’s imagine you’ve slaved over your manuscript for months. Now you finally feel you’ve done everything possible. Your new creation is ready for it’s debut, hooray! Here’s what you might want to do first:

  • Have your work critiqued by a group of fellow authors. I think it’s very hard for authors to find errors in their own work. Maybe you’re so familiar with it you can’t see the errors or areas needing improvement.
  • After you finish your work, wait a week or two before you check it again. This way, it’s almost like having a fresh look at it.
  • Once you’re sure you’ve gotten everything done, ask some of your author friends if they would put an announcement on their blogs about your upcoming book.
  • Ask your online friends and/or family if they would mind leaving a review once your book is released. Whenever I review books, if there’s something I think could be improved, I send the author a private email, rather than including it in the review. Also, I don’t post reviews with less than a 4-star rating. Instead, I would message the author with my suggestions.

I hope these hints are helpful to you. Did you enjoy the summer? It always flies by for us.

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