Reviews for my Favorite authors books! You’ll love them!

Adorable Louey napping while he waits for you to adopt him!

Adorable, Educational, funny, a must have! (5 stars)

Janice Spina’s book, Louey the Lazy Elephant, is just darling! Louey is a very lazy little elephant. His mama always has trouble waking him up. One day, Louey oversleeps. He’s totally shocked that his family and his whole herd deserted him! He was determined to find them. Louey’s story is told through adorable rhymes. How will Louey solve his problem? Will he find his family? Louey learns an important lesson and he wants to share it with all young children. The illustrations were done beautifully by John Spina, the author’s husband. I highly recommend this story. Children, teachers and parents will love it!
Review by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

Here’s where you’ll find Louey if you’d like to adopt him, or read more about him: (Also available on Kindle)

Beautifully written, poignant, heartwarming! (5 stars)

A Porpoise for Cara is a beautiful, tender story of a little girl who is lonely and sad after the death of her dad. Cara has no friends when she’s a young girl and her mom is most concerned. One day the mom, Elaine, takes Cara on a ride on their yacht. Cara loves the water and hadn’t been boating since her dad passed away. While they are on the boat adventure, they encountered a wounded porpoise. Cara and Elaine rescued the baby porpoise and hurried off the aquarium, where marine experts tended to the Porpoise’s wounds. Cara named the porpoise Floppy, because of the way she had flopped around in the water after she was injured. Cara and Floppy developed an amazing bond because Cara spent as much time as possible with Floppy. Cara begins to make friends once they hear about her notable rescue of the porpoise. The special friendship lasts many years. Eventually, Floppy begins a wonderful new career. Cara learns something that is helpful to all of us, no matter what trials we are enduring.
I love this story and I would recommend it to children, parents, and teachers. The soft pastel illustrations are perfect for the story, as is the lesson within it.
Reviewed by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
Cute, funny, educational, and wonderful Book!

Cute, funny, educational, and wonderful Book!

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, fun, adorable, full of wisdom! August 19, 2013

Michali Mazor has created an adorable, wonderful, rhyming book for children. She dreams of becoming a princess, a chef, a doctor, a pilot, just to mention a few occupations she has described. The rhymes are so cute and perfectly written. Every child will relate to this book and they will love the illustrations, too. Michali wants them to remember it’s good to have dreams and goals for the future. But she also wants them to appreciate the unique little person they are today. Very wise advice, indeed! Michali has shown she is exceptionally gifted, as are other members of her family! I would encourage every small child, parent, and teacher to read and enjoy this book! It’s amazing and I give it my highest recommendation. Congratulations on a job well done, Michali!
Reviewed by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

Here’s the link:

Fun easy to read, informative, with wonderful illustrations! (5 stars)

This book is fun to read and easy for children to understand. The illustrations are wonderful. In the story, Nurse Olivia, “Liv” Welle offers rhymes to her young students. She gives examples of a variety of foods and some of the vitamins they contain. Here are excellent illustrations of the foods being discussed on the top of each page. The information is presented in the perfect manner for children to comprehend and remember.
I think it’s important for youngsters to learn about healthy eating at an early age so they develop good habits throughout their lives. The book will also help them explain the value of healthy foods to their friends. It’s a great book for parents, teachers and students. I highly recommend it.
Reviewed by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

You'll love this enchanting book written by a giftedteenager!

You’ll love this enchanting book written by a giftedteenager!

5.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining, Endearing, and full of Wisdom, too!

Every parent will love this enchanting book by Ari Mazor! In the story, little Charlie never bothers to pick up his clothes. The clothes are constantly strewn here and there, cluttering his room. The clothes are distressed that they aren’t treated with respect. What happens next? They design a brilliant plan to solve their problem. The rhymes in the book are so cute! It’s easy to read and remember. Every parent and small child will be delighted with it. I give this book my most hearty recommendation!

Reviewed by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

5.0 out of 5 stars Endearing, educational, Adorable story! September 3, 2013

By Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

Boots is an almost entirely white cat. The only black parts are his feet, which are black. His black feet made it seem like he was wearing boots. But Boots hated his black feet. Boots asked his best friends, Roscoe, the English Bulldog, Sunshine, the Siamese Cat, and Bucky, the white-tailed rabbit,if they would help him build a snowman during a storm. When all his friends refused, Boots stubbornly decides to build the snowman by himself. Something terrible happens and Boots is lost. Roscoe, Sunshine and Bucky set out to find their friend. They wonder if he fell into the water, but they don’t find him there. They ask everyone in town if they have seen Boots. Roscoe, Sunshine and Bucky are dedicated friends. Read about the valuable lesson that Boots learns in this remarkable story! Children, teachers and parents will certainly enjoy it. They will also love the large, life-like illustrations. I highly recommend it!
5.0 out of 5 stars Informative, educational- A must for Parents, teachers, studentsSeptember 5, 2013

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Linda Black’s book, S. T. O. P. Bullying is essential for parents teachers, children, and everyone to read and understand. You’ll learn what bullying is and how to combat it in various situations. In order to eliminate a problem we first need to understand it and have a plan to prevent it. We all need to know what to do when we encounter bullying. What are the warning signs that your child, or your friend is being affected? Ms. Black clearly explains the course of action to take if you see bullying , or if you are involved in any way. We must all work together if we are to stop this horrible thing from impacting so many people. If we do that, the problem will indeed be S.(Stamped out) T. Trampled on) O. Ousted P.Prevented so let’s work team up to attack the practice of bullying! This book is recommended reading for everyone.

5.0 out of 5 stars Educational, Adorable, Imaginative and Fun!, July 14, 2013
If you want to make your child realize that he/she is unique, read this book!

If you want to make your child realize that he/she is unique, read this book!

This review is from: Kids’ Book: Positive Affirmations for Little Boys: The ABC Book of Rhymes (Enhance Kids’ Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence) (Smart Kids Bright Futures Children’s Books Collections) (Kindle Edition)

Sarah Mazor’s adorable book Affirmations for Boys is amazing. It’s an adorable, rhyming book for boys that builds their vocabulary with positive words. Sarah explores the alphabet and finds the perfect rhyme to explain the word in a manner that children will love and remember. For example: The letter “B” is for Brotherly and she defines the word this way: “I love my baby brother, He’s so small, I hold his hands so he won’t fall, I am happy, you see, I am Brotherly me.” Every child needs books that build self esteem so that they grow up knowing that they are each extraordinary, miraculous, little people. This book is essential for every young child! I highly recommend it and encourage everyone to purchase it.

Wonderful, educational, a must read!

This review is from: Kids’ Book: Positive Affirmations for Little Girls: The ABC Book of Rhymes (Enhance Girls’ Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence) (Smart Kids Bright Future Children’s Books Collection) (Kindle Edition)

Sarah Mazor creates an extraordinary children’s book, “Affirmations for Little Girls.” She realizes how important it is for children to know at an early age, that they are remarkable beings. Sarah has written adorable rhymes to introduce words such as: mysterious, and polite. Here is the rhyme Sarah wrote to introduce the word generous:”I share my lunch with little Woody, I even share my chocolate goody,
I am happy you see, I am generous me.” We all know how important it is for parents and teachers to encourage healthy behaviors like sharing, being curious and being unique. Children grow into wonderful, responsible, adults when they are taught the value of things such as sharing, being loved, etc. Every young child, their parents and teachers would find this book invaluable. I highly recommend it! Be sure to check out “Affirmations for Little Boys” as well!

5.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining, and delightful with wonderful illustrations!, May 14, 2013
This review is from: That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN (Paperback)

Sherry Ellis’ charming story, That Baby Woke me up Again! is one that every parent and sibling will love. It’s told from the big sister’s point of view.She wonders why her new baby brother wakes her up, just when she’s getting comfy and having a nice dream. But she ultimately understands that her little brother can’t explain what’s bothering him and she used to do the same things when she was his age. The story is adorable and the illustrations are outstanding. Additionally, the rhyming verses are easy to read and understand. I highly recommend this book to children and parents!

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