Saluting All Veterans on Veteran’s Day!



Thank you, Veterans, for all that you have done for your country.

For keeping us safe on our soil!

For protecting us and preserving our freedom!

We are indebted to you for serving your country!

May God bless you and your families for your sacrifices!


My dad served his country during WWII and received a Purple Heart.


He never wanted to talk about it back then but as he got older he shared a little of his experience of the day on Guadal Canal in 1942 when he was shot. He expressed regret that he had to shoot when being shot at and for all the men who died during that horrendous war. He was deeply saddened when he spoke of losing his ‘buddies’ as he called them, his fellow Marines. He was proud to be a Marine and was never sorry for proudly serving his country and would have…

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