Keep On Keepin On

Tony A. Smith


“Come on Sparky, it’s time for school.”  Said his dad, a barber in local Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Sparky was always running late for school where he attends Richards Gordon Elementary.

“Come on Sparky, get the lead out, put your pencil down and that silly pad, and get your butt going.”  “You are going to be late for school again.”

Sparky was kind of a loser at school if you want to know the truth.  He got an F in Algebra, English, and Physics, but he did make the golf team. He lost of course!  He was a very shy kid in school and rarely talked unless spoken to.  He especially never talked to girls.

There was one thing Sparky thought he was good at though and that was drawing.  Even if no one else thought he was good at it, he did.  When he attended Central High School he submitted…

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