Celebrate the small things…

Well, everyone, another Friday is here. It’s time to celebrate big and little things. Be sure to stop by Lexacain.blogspot.com to find out what everyone is cheering about.

Here’s what we’re celebrating this week..

  • 5 new 5-star awards for my books. Special thank you to Karen Smith for writing them.
  • My author friend, Rhonda Patton, has 2 books listed on Walmart.com. Congrats to her.
  • A fun celebration with our family last weekend.
  • My sister met our tractor, Wilbur, and she was impressed with him.
What are you celebrating this week?
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Publishing New Paperback Editions

Lit World Interviews

If you’re planning major changes to your book that will warrant a brand new paperback edition, or if you’ve acquired your own ISBN number and want to use that instead of the free issue CreateSpace ISBN, it’s not a complicated process. Unless you unpublish your Kindle book and start from scratch with that too, you won’t even lose your reviews.

So, assuming you will simply upload your updated eBook file to the currently published Kindle book keeping its Amazon assigned ASIN number, what you need to do is prepare your paperback with its new ISBN number in the front matter, the edition number, and also the new Published By information – don’t use your own name unless you really, really, really want to. Think about this before you buy your ISBN’s and call your publishing business something different. As a self-publishing author you are a publisher, and there’s no reason…

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FREE promotion opportunities on Smorgasbord

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

As a writer I believe in sharing other’s work in any of the creative fields. Not only because I receive such generous support from fellow bloggers but because we are a community and what is good for you is good for me.

There are a number of ways that you can promote your blog, poetry, books, art, photography, music and any other creative skill you have.

I am looking for guest posts on all aspects of health, on hobbies and crafts, cookery, recipes and writing of course.

smorgasbord short stories

There is a special place in my heart for short stories and we already have some great ones scheduled. By guest posting your stories here you will reach a new audience to your own blog and take advantage of my social media contacts.

Pet of the week

Pet of the week has proved very popular and dogs and cats have been starring every Thursday for a month…

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Celebrate the small things…

Another Friday is here so it’s time for us to celebrate anything we want to share. Thank you to Lexa Cain and her team who continued this blog from VikLit. Be sure to stop by LexaCain.blogspot.com to check out what everyone has to share.
Here’s what we’re celebrating this week:

  • A surprise visit from two friends. One ended up spending the night and we had fun together.
  • One of our guests treated us to dinner and we returned the favor for breakfast.
  • A new 5-star review for my book, Charlie the Horse.
What are you celebrating this week?
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Video review by Chester McDaniel
Book Trailer by Chris Graham:

Manatees rescued from golf course

Hi everyone,

I thought this story was interesting and had a happy ending so I decided to share it with you.

“Six Manatees, which included to mothers and their calves” were rescued when they floated onto a Florida golf course. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation commission were active in the rescue efforts after the huge mammals were displaced, due to Hurricane Hermine. There was a pond on the golf course and that’s where the manatees ended up. Happily, they were all resettled in the Gulf of Mexico.

For more on this story, check out this link:


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Celebrate the small things…

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ir’s almost Friday again so we get to celebrate whatever we want. Aren’t celebrations fun?  Be sure to check out LexaCain.blogspot.com to see what everyone is cheering about.

Here’s what we’re celebrating this week:

  • You might recall, we name all of our vehicles, even our machines. That said, you may remember our old lawn tractor, Harrison. He needed an expensive part so he couldn’t do his job of cutting the grass anymore, even though he ran. But he has a new owner who is going to fix him up. He’ll be so pleased not to be unemployed. 🙂
  • When the man came to see Harrison, he raved when he met Wilbur, Harrison’s replacement. Wilbur is so cute. We’ll have pictures of him soon. 🙂
  • My car is fixed. It was super expensive, but we can celebrate it’s fixed again.
  • Our son had a surprise business trip for a conference. It was fun for him.
What are you celebrating this week? Hope you had fantastic things to celebrate.
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book trailer by Rhonda Patton:
book review video by Chester McDaniel:

children’s books: grateful

There are millions of children’s books for sale today. I love those with good messages, such as standing for your beliefs, or being grateful for your blessings. It’s easy to moan about the things we don’t have, but how often are we thankful for the things we take for granted?

Vita Tonga is a young man from Texas, who realizes how lucky he is to live in a country that honors freedom and those who fought for it. Why do I say that? Vita is a member of the Blue Raiders high school football team. Recently, Vita tore a tendon in his knee during a game. Last week, he had surgery to repair the damage. But Vita insisted on attending the next game in person to cheer on his teammates.  When the game started, Vita rolled onto the field in his wheelchair. His leg was bandaged and supported by a brace. His teammates expected him to sit for the National Anthem. But Vita worked hard to come to his feet and place his hand on his heart for the Anthem.

Here is how Vita explained his action: “I didn’t really think about it,” Vita toldSports Day. “People give their lives just so I can stand up over here in the United States. So therefore I feel as an American citizen I should stand.”
Vita’s Dad continued, “My father is from Tonga,” Charlie Tonga told the television station. “America means something to our family. It’s huge to always stand when the national anthem is played. It’s important to us.”

Don’t you admire anyone who makes an effort to show they appreciate their blessings? It’s something my parents always told us. “Be grateful for what you have,” our Mom and Dad would tell my sisters and I. In addition, they urged us to stand up for what we felt was right. Don’t you think that’s great advice?

In my children’s books, I emphasize good character like setting goals and working hard toward them the way Charlie the Horse did. In the latest of my children’s books, Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog, Hattie the Chicken stands up against a bully. She also worked hard to help her friends. Whether you choose to write children’s books, or something else, I hope you try to be a good example for others. Vita is a great role model, don’t you think?

For more on Vita’s story, please click this link:


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Video by Chris Graham:

How To Add Your WordPress Blog To Your Gravatar

Hugh's Views & News  

How many times have you clicked on the Gravatar image of somebody who has left a comment on a blog post and not been able to find their blog details? Frustrating, isn’t it?

The image that appears next to a comment is known as a Gravatar. Here’s an example.

Example of an Gravatar

If I hover my mouse over Ritu’s image, the following happens.

Example of a Gravatar

If I wanted to find Ritu’s blog, I would need to click on the ‘View Complete Profile’ button.

When I do that, I’m taken to her Gravatar page.

Example of a Gravatar page

Ritu’s websites, including her blog, are listed towards the bottom of the page. All I have to do is click on the ‘But I Smile Anyway‘ blog image (under ‘Websites’) and, hey presto, I’m taken straight to her blog.

But how do you add your WordPress blog to your Gravatar profile?

  • Using a search engine, search for Gravatar.
  • Sign into Gravatar by…

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Lit World Interviews

Which Half David

  • Title:  Which Half David
  • Author: Mark W. Sasse
  • File Size:  1929 KB
  • Print Length: 347 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN:
  •  Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Publication Date: September 15, 2016
  • Sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC
  •  Language: English
  • Formats:  Kindle
  • Goodreads
  • Genres: Religious & Inspirational Fiction, Christian Fiction, Drama, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

*The author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review which follows*

In the author’s words:

“Is your obsession worth killing for?

American mission worker Tobin Matthews becomes a local hero and celebrity in the Sulu Republic when he inadvertently foils a gang of human traffickers. But the heroism cannot mask his desperate soul, which wrestles with a broken marriage and a crippling set of doubts. As he sinks to a new low, his brazen ex-lover arrives in Sulu with her own agenda. The Asian beauty quickly…

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Tails of Sweetbrier at reduced price!

silver medal for Readers favorite, webTails New Cover Small

picture 2-Deanie and Little Man

Deanie and Little Man from Tails of Sweetbrier

Would you like to be inspired today? Check out this true story about the power of perseverance. It’s reduced by  45% for the paperback so grab your copy today at this very low price (temporary reduction) If you’d rather have the Kindle, the price is now just $2.99!

“A truly spectacular story of strength, passion and courage” -from review by Geri Ahearn.

video review by Chester McDaniel

 Above video by Chris Graham

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