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Did you miss the original interview about Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog? You can check it out today here:

Find out more about this adorable story with valuable lessons.

Bentley-picture 1- the first date-from blogger

Benley-picture 2-Bentley escorting Hattie-from blogger

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celebrate the small things…

If you visit my blog now and then you know we celebrate whatever we want every Friday. Lexa Cain continued this tradition so be sure to stop by to see what everyone has to say.

Here’s what we’re celebrating this week:

  • A lovely reunion with my brother-in-law and one of our sons. We had lunch together.
  • Reviewed some cute children’s books this week, including Robby’s Quest for Seed and Robby’s Quest Ocean Bound by DC Rush.
  • Did lots of house cleaning this week.
  • Nice weather all week long 🙂
  • A surprise phone call from our son who’s vacationing

What were you celebrating this week?

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Review of Moral and Natural Law: Preparation For The End


Preparation for the End-cover

Ambassador Claire Power Murphy has just released a new book. She shares her views on how you can actually improve every year. Ms. Power Murphy wants readers to know what can be done to promote peace and harmony throughout the world. She describes how we can follow moral and natural laws, in order to enjoy health and happiness. If you’d like to know more, please check out this link:

You may also visit: to learn about the mission of Ms. Power Murphy’s Foundation and/or donate.

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