This week we’re celebrating….

vik - small things 2


As you may know, every Friday we celebrate little things and bigger things that make us happy. Thank you, VikLit, for starting this group. Everyone is invited to stop by her blog, to see what other people are celebrating.

Here’s what we’re happy about this week.

  • We had a lovely family gathering last weekend. The only regret was that our son, Shane, couldn’t attend.
  • Making some progress on my new story, so every little bit helps in that regard.
  • I’m being interviewed by Amb. Claire Power Murphy on The interview will air on Saturday and will be playing for a week before it moves to the archives.
  • I’m adjusting to the new tasks involved in my volunteer jobs.
  • If you missed the initial broadcast of my interview with host, Don McCauley, on, it will be featured all weekend. You can listen any time Friday, April 11-Sunday, April 12.

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