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On Friday’s we celebrate things. Please remember to check out to see what other people are cheering about. Thanks to VikLit for starting this blog.

vik - small things 2Here’s what we’re celebrating this week:

  • I made a little progress on my new story. Still struggling a bit, but at least we got something done.
  • My author friend, Anna Tshekeche, wrote a lovely review for my book, Tails of Sweetbrier. Thank you, Anna! If you’d like to find out more about Anna and her books, please visit,
  • We didn’t get the blizzard they forecasted this week! Sorry for the people in MA who did get it.
  • I had a very nice interview with author, Bertha Mukodzani, who wrote the inspiring book, A Life Steered. If you’d like to find out more about Bertha and her work, please visit:/www,
  • I wish all of you a lovely weekend. Thanks for visiting.
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New Review of Tails of Sweetbrier


Tails of Sweetbrier, winner of the Silver Medal in the Feathered Quill Contest!

Tails of Sweetbrier, winner of the Silver Medal in the Feathered Quill Contest!

Tails New Cover Small
Tails of Sweetbrier

This is an autobiography of an amazing little girl who is born with some physical challenges which were thought to permanently limit her activities.  But not for this girl!  She is determined to overcome all through hard work and fortitude.  With the help of her never tiring father she learns not only to walk, but goes on to become competitive horse rider.  This was not a result of wishful thinking but of trying and falling and trying again.

This story will inspire anyone who reads it.  Apart from teaching children what it takes to become a horse rider, it also shows children how to love and care for their special animals and how to truly be a friend to all.

I like that it is written in a very gentle voice which helps children to see that anyone can achieve great things if only they never give up.

Reviewed by author,  Anna Tshekeche

Interview with Bertha Mukodzani

Bertha“Today I am honored to be interviewing talented author, Bertha   Mukodzani. Thank you so much for spending time to speak with me today, Bertha.”

“‘ m excited to be here as well, Deanie. Thank you for inviting me.”

  •  Have you always wanted to become an author?

         Yes, ever since I was a little girl. I loved reading and writing short stories.

  •  Please tell us about yourself

  I am a mum of 2 beautiful girls and I currently work as a full time Recovery Nurse in the United Kingdom. I blog on a regular basis and also write for my local newspaper. I am a Christian and I do participate in health screening programmes arranged by my local church to help the disadvantaged in the community. At the moment I also run a health column for an online magazine call Zimlink where I use my nursing knowledge to educate and inspire people from different walks of life.

  •   Please describe your first book

 A Life Steered draws heavily from my own life experiences and is classified as a family drama. It is a story about a young girl whose life turned up-side down from an early age right through to her adult years. The story follows Sandra, who is the main character, as she experiences her first heartbreak, her marriage and when she is widowed at a very young age. The sequence of events are such that she finds herself struggling with her inner and outer demons. But what is it about Sandra that makes her such an inspirational character? This you will discover as you explore her character to the end. It’s not all doom and gloom as comedy is provided through colorful characters in the story. A Life Steered is a story of determination against all odds!

  •   What do you most want people to remember about your book?

Sandra, the main character, is by no means perfect, but I want people to remember that regardless of what life throws at your doorstep, with courage and determination and the support of your family, one can overcome these obstacles. It’s not how you fall but how you rise after falling. We learn this through the inspiring strength of our main character Sandra.

  •  Is there anything we can learn from your book

When you read A Life Steered you get a feel of what life in Africa is like as various aspects of the culture are exposed throughout the story. You don’t have to be from Africa to appreciate the themes addressed in the book- love, grief, heartache, comedy and many more. We can all identify with these experiences.

  •   Do you have other projects that you’re working on?

 I am currently writing a romance novel which I have entitled ‘Timely Confessions’, as well as another which is a work of fiction which I hope to publish soon.

  •  What are your goals for your writing career?

 I would like to reach as many people as I can and to inspire through my writings. I also hope to be able to do this on a full time basis one day and to be one of the greatest authors around.

  •  What do you enjoy when you’re not writing?

      I enjoy being a mother to my girls, sharing in their activities, cooking and my activities at church. I love reading crime thrillers (I enjoy a good murder),    TV and I own a collection of the Columbo series. I just can’t get enough of the    disheveled detective! I also love to just take the time to be with my friends, have   a good laugh and I love to dance too!

  •  Where can people purchase your book?

 My book is available in all online stores including amazon. Reviews available on amazon and on my blog too!

  •  Can you give us links to your blog, and where your book may be purchased?
  •  Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Writing has been an exciting journey for me and I am learning new things every day and developing new connections and meeting inspirational authors like Deanie Dunne. There is nothing as satisfying as creating something from scratch and I wouldn’t give writing up for anything in the world.

  •  I just want to invite all to feel free to leave comments on my blog and to let you know that I’m quite happy to guest blog on other blogs similar to mine.

 “Thank you for spending time with me today, Bertha. It was fun learning more about you and I’m sure my readers will enjoy getting to know you as well.”

“Thank you Deanie for this wonderful opportunity and for giving me space on your platform. I have to say you’re one of the greatest and inspirational authors I’ve ever met. It’s a real pleasure to be acquainted with you. I look forward to reviewing one of your books!

“Bertha, I so appreciate your kind words. It’s my honor to interview you today. You should be most proud of your accomplishments. You’re a wonderful role model because you’ve persevered and followed your dreams.”

Bertha's Story

And the nominees are…….


Thank you, Janice Spina!

Thank you, Janice Spina!

The Rules for The Shauny Award  are quite straightforward:

Show Humanity, Show Love, Be Yourself, Don’t Be Others, Don’t Gossip,

and Share the Love by giving This Award to 10 others.

I want to break the mold, like Mike did, and give this blogging award to all my friends and followers who support me in every way they can.  I am grateful to all of you!

By spreading this award:

I will show humanity.

I will show love.

I will be myself.

I won’t be someone I am not.

I won’t gossip.

I will gladly share the love!

Let me add:  I will support all my fellow indie authors, publishers and anyone who may need my help along their path to being an author.

Congratulations, everyone!







Interview with Jodi DeSautels

Today, I get the pleasure of interviewing another  award winning author.  She is introducing us to four books.  (I hope you enjoy this interview and check out her books.)  And…she teams up with her sister to complete them.  Her sister is her illustrator!  Welcome, Deanie!Thank you so much for inviting me to chat with you today, Jodi. It’s a pleasure to be spending time with you.

Please tell us about yourself, Deanie. 
I’ve been a children’s author since 2009, when the first edition of my award-winning children’s autobiography, Tails of Sweetbrier was published. All four of my books are illustrated by my talented sister, Holly Humphrys-Bajaj.

What inspired you to write this book?
Before I began writing Tails of Sweetbrier, I’d been searching for an office job. I even took a course in Medical Coding, in hopes of launching a new career. But it didn’t find a job, so I was feeling a little sad about it. Then I had a strong intuition that I should write a story about my childhood at our family farm, Sweetbrier. Since I had already studied with the Institute of Children’s Literature, I thought it would be an opportunity to use those skills. Once my first book was published, I discovered my new career! I love writing for children and helping them discover some valuable life lessons.

Please tell us a little about your book;
Tails of Sweetbrier is an inspiring story of a little girl who wants desperately to ride horses in competitions, like her sisters. But she had a handicap and doctors told her parents she would never walk. Her dad refused to accept that. He had other plans. Since I’m that girl, I can tell you that my dad and I began our journey and we proved the doctors wrong. I can’t spoil all the surprises in the book, but I can say that it will show all things are possible if you don’t quit. Tails of Sweetbrier has won the Silver Medal in The Feathered Quill Writer’s Contest. (2014)

Do you have other books?
Yes, I have a series of three fictional stories: Charlie the HorseCharlene the Star, and Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes. The animals talk in these books and they are quite amusing. Readers will enjoy knowing their thoughts and ideas. The characters all work together to solve problems. Children also enjoy the adorable illustrations that Holly created.

Do you make your own covers? 
No, Holly designs the covers as well as the illustrations.  The covers are colorful and very cute! Holly’s talents make the stories come to life and I’m extremely blessed to have her. 

Is your book educational, if so, how?
Yes, Tails of Sweetbrier shows children that anything is possible if you never give up on your dreams. I think it’s important for them to realize that there will always be people who try to discourage you by saying you can’t possibly do something. You have a choice. You can choose not to listen, as I did. The only time you fail is when you quit, in my view.

What are you working on now?
Holly is working on the illustrations for our new book,Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog. It has some of the same characters as our other books, but they have a completely different adventure.

What is your hope for your book?
Of course, I hope that it inspires kids to do their best and follow their dreams. Someday, I would love to have a movie made, based on Tails of Sweetbrier. It would be an opportunity to introduce many more children to this book’s message.

What are your links?

Here are the links for my books on Amazon:

Tails of Sweetbrier:

Charlene the Star:

Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes:

Charlie the Horse:

www.childrens (also includes blog tab)







03/10/2014 8:16am

Thank you very much, Jodi. The interview was fun and it looks lovely. I really appreciate your efforts. Best wishes, as always.


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This week we’re celebrating…

vik - small things 2


On Fridays, we think of things we’re cheering about and share them with you. Here’s my list for this week:

  •  No snow!We were supposed to get a blizzard last weekend, but it went to other states so we’re delighted about that.
  • Lots of people have read our news release about the silver medal Tails of Sweetbrier won- Of course, we’re pleased about this. It you haven’t read it, you can check it out here:


  •  Spring preview coming next weekWeathermen are saying that we’ll have much warmer weather at the beginning of next week! We hope the warm air doesn’t take a detour.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have lots of good things to celebrate this week. Be sure to visit to find out what other people are celebrating!

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Tails of Sweetbrier takes silver medal!

 Silver Medal winner, 2014!

Tails Of Sweetbrier Cover

Goshen, MA  Feb, 26, 2014  Author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne has taken the Silver Medal in the Feathered Quill Book Awards in the Juvenile/YA Nonfiction category for ‘Tails of Sweetbrier’.

‘Tails of Sweetbrier’ is a true story about a little girl who dreams of becoming a champion horseback rider. Deanie was born with a handicap, which made walking difficult. When doctors say she will never be able to walk, her dad decides to teach her to ride horses. This inspirational story shows children that nothing is impossible “if you don’t quit.”

“I’m honored,” Deanie stated, “that my children’s non-fiction book, ‘Tails of Sweetbrier’ received the Silver Medal in the Feathered Quill Annual Writer’s Contest. It was my first experience with entering a contest, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive this award. I can honestly say this is a dream come true for me.”

Deanie believes the message that perseverance is the key to accomplishing amazing things is one that can benefit every child. Through her inspiring, real life and fictional works, children will learn that anything is possible if they refuse to give up on their dreams. Through her works, children are reminded that tenacity is the key to success. They will see proof that obstacles can be overcome and that quitting only guarantees failure.

Deanie wants to be a positive influence to children. She loves to write entertaining stories that emphasize important values such as; never giving up, setting goals, and working together to realize great things. Her objective is to write books that build self-esteem and confidence in children. She works tirelessly to write books that would appeal to children and also teach them valuable lessons, presented in an engaging manner. Other books written by Deanie include ‘Charlene The Star’, ‘Charlene The Star And Hattie’s Heroes’ and ‘Charlie The Horse’.

“Young readers,” Deanie continued, “will enjoy ‘Tails of Sweetbrier’ because it’s full of exciting experiences from my childhood. They will find out what decision my dad made that changed my whole life. The story is proof that all things are possible, if they follow their dreams and refuse to quit. Children will be encouraged because they will realize that they can succeed, even against the odds.”

One reviewer stated, “. . .Deanie Humphrys-Dunne encourages discipline, high self-esteem, and a positive attitude throughout this compelling story. The author motivates children to overcome their fears, achieve their goals, and follow their dreams. ‘Tails Of Sweetbrier’ tugs at the heart, is as captivating as ‘Radio’ and as inspiring as ‘Forrest Gump’ . . .’

Deanie Humphrys-Dunne is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at All of her books are available at Amazon. More information is available at her website at


Deanie Humphrys-Dunne is a children’s author with 4 published books. All of her books are beautifully illustrated by her sister, Holly Humphrys-Bajaj.

Deanie and Holly specialize in books that promote positive, character building messages for children.

Deanie is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. She has been featured on several author websites and received top billing in one of her interviews with renowned author, Amb. Claire Power Murphy on In addition she has been honored with numerous blogging awards and nominations including: The Sunshine Award, The Best Moment Award, The Super Sweet Award, The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, The Sisterhood of the World Award, and the I’m Part of the WordPress Family Award.


Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

– See more at:

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This week we’re celebrating…..

On Fridays we celebrate the good things, big and small, that happened during the week. Here’s what we’re cheering about this week


vik - small things 2

  • No snow!-Yay! We’re so excited that there was no snow this week.
  • My car stays outside and it finally doesn’t look like an igloo anymore.
  • I’m enjoying my new volunteer job.
  • A news release is out about Tails of Sweetbrier’s award: It you’d like to check it out, you can find it here:
  •  Be sure to stop by to check out what other people are celebrating. VikLit is the founder of Celebrate the Small Things.
  • Looking for inspiration? check out my new website:
Good children’s books: