This week we’re celebrating…

vik - small things 2

Be sure to stop by: to see what other people are cheering about!

  •  The book fair Holly and I attended was a big success!: My sister/illustrator, Holly, and I went to a book fair at one of the local schools. We had fun and sold lots of books. We’ve been invited back when we have our new book published. Holly showed them the cover for our new book and everyone loved it. We brought the little crocheted horse, Charlie, that our author friend, Janice Spina made for us. He got compliments as well.
  • No big snowstorm this week: We are excited to have only a dusting of snow this week!
  • By the weekend, the weather should be around 40 degrees: Very happy about this news, as I hate the cold. I’d like to sleep through it like a little bear!
  • Two of my favorite author friends, Sarah Mazor and Yael Rosenberg, celebrated birthdays this week! They write wonderful, entertaining, and educational children’s books. You can find out more about them on: or
  • Two Interviews: My original interview with host, Don McCauley, on is being rebroadcast Jan. 31-Feb. 2. If you missed it, you may enjoy finding out more about my childhood and my book, Tails of Sweetbrier. There is also an interview with Amb. Claire Power Murphy, which you can listen to here:

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