Animal stories for kids: An Interview with Hattie!

4b9d4-hattieinjpegThis morning I have the pleasure of interviewing Hattie the chicken, an important character in the story, Charlene The Star And Hattie’s Heroes.

“Good morning, Hattie. I’m excited that you are my guest today.”

“Oh, thank you so much for inviting me. I’m honored to be here. You can tell how happy I am because I’m hopping around flapping my wings, like I always do if I’m excited.”

“Well, let’s start with our interview, Hattie.”

Hattie, how did you get your name?

“My mama said that when I was born I had a piece of shell stuck on my head. It made her think that I would like wearing hats. I Love to wear my pretty bonnets. Whenever you see my pictures in Charlene The Star And Hattie’s Heroes, you’ll notice I’m wearing a hat. It’s part of who I am.”

Can you tell us a little bit about your book, please?

Of course, Charlene The Star And Hattie’s Heroes is a funny story about some of my animal friends. You’ll meet Charlene the Star, a beautiful red horse. She is rather famous for her particular talent, but she is looking for something fun to do in her spare time, when she’s not in horse shows. Charlene gets an excellent idea that all of her animal friends should get together to start our own business. We help horses with training problems. We have a lot of fun, too.”

Did you have a specific job in the story?

“Yes, I guess you could say I was something like a publicity agent. You see, I have very nice “beakmanship”, since I write with my beak so I wrote ads for our town newspaper, The Gazette.

Who are some of the other characters in the book?

“Wooliam the sheep is important to the story. He has a dream and we all work together to make it come true. You will also meet our clients, Lily and Lucky.

We all work together to help them reach their goals.”

What would you like your readers to remember most about your book?

“I hope that they remember that teamwork and friendship is very important. Our story is full of important life lessons, and we love entertaining our young readers, while they learn these valuable things.”

Thank you so much for being an excellent guest today, Hattie. It was great fun learning about your book.”

“You’re most welcome, Deanie. I enjoyed my time with you.”

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