Podcast of Interview on the Author Show

Tails cover kindle

In case you missed the initial broadcast of my interview on http://www.thechildrensauthorshow.com, it’s now available on a podcast. You can tune in here:


Or just go to http://www.thechildrensauthorshow.com and click on the title that you’ll see in the center of the screen(under the UTube heading)

Thank you for listening!

12 thoughts on “Podcast of Interview on the Author Show

  1. I just finished listening to your podcast, and I must say even so the book is for children, the little child in me is going to read your book. I enjoyed the interview very much, and posted such on my facebook page, my personal page with a link to your podcast as well. Best wishes to you! Sandy

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Sandy. I think you’ll enjoy this story. Adults seem to enjoy it as well because it has a powerful, uplifting message. Thank you so much for posting the link on your page as well. I so appreciate your thoughtful gestures. Wishing you a lovely weekend and good fortune in all your endeavors.

      • Oh thank you, and I will be getting that book…just not right now…watching my expenses with the cat toy adventure….your very inspirational, and since I hope to write one day myself, I truly enjoyed what you had to say about your book. Sandy Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, too, Sandy! Thank you for all the compliments on my book. Deanie

      • So happy to hear that, Sandy. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your comments after you read it. D

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