Interview on Children’s Author Show!

Inspire your child with this true Story!

Inspire your child with this true Story!

Even though the initial airing of my interview on, was early in Nov., you can still listen by tuning in and clicking on Tails of Sweetbrier in the UTube box (center of the screen) or click on the podcast link below:

You’ll find out interesting details about this uplifting true story. If you missed the initial airing, you can still listen any time. Just click on the book title, Tails of Sweetbrier.. Hope you enjoy the interview and thank you for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “Interview on Children’s Author Show!

  1. Hi Deanie! I got your comment on my blog. I want to listen to this interview tomorrow while I’m writing my NaNoWriMo story, but you didn’t specify what time it would be. Can you let me know in my comments? Oh, and BTW, I nominated you for the WordPress Family Award, because, well, at this point, you are just like family to me. I hope you will accept it. You can pick it up at any time on my blog . (((Hugs))) Lily

    • It’s any time of the day, Lily. I thought I mentioned that. I’ll be so excited that you’re listening and thank you SO much for the award and the special compliment. xoxooxo Deanie

  2. Deanie,
    I listened to your radio interview and my suspicions were confirmed, no actually upended. You are even more wonderful than I thought… and my original estimation was high.. high 🙂
    I heartily recommend listening to the interview, as it is a treat!

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