Where can you get your ideas?

I think one of the most difficult things is to come up with appealing ideas for your stories. Where can we get them? Don’t you wish you could plant an idea tree in your yard and water it so fantastic ideas would be hanging from every branch? Wouldn’t it be nice to have an idea Leprechaun who would show up now and then when inspiration is scarce? Since we can’t do these things, here are some suggestions that might be helpful.

  • Take the ideas from your past- You’re probably thinking that your childhood, or your family events would be bor-ing! I thought that too, but I wrote my first book, Tails of Sweetbrier about my childhood challenges and it’s inspiring children, teachers and parents so you never know what can happen!
  • Did you have a vivid, exciting dream? Sometimes our dreams seem absolutely real. What if you had an amazing adventure? You could expand it. Embellish it, make it come to life. You might have a best seller!
  • Did you adopt an amazing pet?Sometimes incredible animal friends come into our lives. We love their personalities. Maybe we taught them an amazing trick. You might craft a wonderful, heartwarming story about your pet and how you found him.
  • You could be anywhere- That’s right, you might be in the supermarket choosing your  fruits and veggies when something funny happens. Be sure to write it down so you can use the idea.
  • I hope these suggestions give you the inspiration you need to write an amazing story!



7 thoughts on “Where can you get your ideas?

  1. I loved your post, and did experience a dream that I felt could be turned into an adventure. I did not write it down….remember most, and throughout the day will be working on it…Thank you for a fantastic blog and your tips. Sandy

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    • It’s true that you never know where an idea will come from. I had a dream that gave me an idea this week, so maybe something will happen with that, once I finish my project that I’m doing now. I”m so happy to talk to you again, Melissa!

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