Interview with Talented inspiring author, Murees Dupe`


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Today I have the honor of interviewing aspiring author, Murees Dupe`.Thank you so much for spending time with me today, Murees. It’s an honor to speak with you. I know many people will be interested in learning more about you.

“You’re welcome, Deanie, I’m excited to be here with you as well. Thank you for the opportunity to chat with you.”

 Have you always wanted to be an author?

Actually, no,  I never thought that a regular person could be a writer. I always thought that only super intelligent people with absurdly high IQ’s could be writers. But I have always written in one way or another, I just never knew that it was actually called writing until a few years ago.

  What genre would you like to specialize in?

Romance, I love romance novels. I guess I love reading about that one great love and because I am still looking for my own, I can’t stop writing about it.

 Are you working on a book project now?

I am currently between projects. I can’t decide whether to edit and re-submit my first novel, The Amaranthine, or finish another, still untitled. I am working on a few ideas for the untitled one, but progress is still slow.

 What are your goals for the future?

I would really like to be published and share my stories with others. Also, to actually find a day job that I like and which offers a permanent position and not just a temporary one. I  am planning to write many more stories.

 What do you think are the elements of a good story?

For me, as story should be well told. It should read easily and there should be something the reader can relate to. If you can walk away from that book feeling that some aspect of it had made you felt good or inspired or that you just enjoyed that book, then that is the best outcome. Drama, intrigue and plot are always good, but if your reader can’t finish the book, then what is the point?

 Would you like to share your website address and/or other social media addresses where people may contact you?

I am currently just blogging over at:

A mouth full, I know. I am still getting around to figuring out the other forms of social media. They kind of scare me.

“It was such fun finding out more about you, Murees. I wish you every success in your writing career. I look forward to the day your books are published and you can come back to discuss their success. Remember to always follow your dreams and you will prevail.”

“I’d like to thank my readers for stopping by and encourage you to visit Murees’ website. You’ll really enjoy it there.”

(c) Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 2013

4 thoughts on “Interview with Talented inspiring author, Murees Dupe`

  1. What a super interview! Deanie’s so right about the reader getting something out from a book beyond the plot. Think I’ll drop by and encourage her to Keep Writing!

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