Charlene the Star


Charlene the Star

Chalene the Star was born into a famous racing family. But what happens when she doesn’t like racing? She considers becoming a model. Every child will relate to this story because Charlene searches for her place to shine. Charlene discovers her natural talent and works hard to perfect it. You’ll love her humorous story!

Excerprts from Reviews for Charlene the Star:

I would like to share with all of you these unique stories, Charlene the Star, and Hattie’s Heroes, written by author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne.  These books are about horses written from the horses’ point of view if horses could talk.  The author weaves a story about the main character, Charlene the Star who is from a long line of champion race horses.  Charlene has a mind of her own and does not want to be a race horse.  The stories  involve what race horses have to do in order to become champions and how they need support and friends to be successful in their endeavors.  Children will love Charlene and cheer for her as she follows her dream.  Reviewed by Author, Janice Spina (5 stars)

Charlene the Star is born into a family of champion racehorses but to her dismay she realizes that she does not share the enthusiasm, ability, and desire for racing. In her remarkable way, Deanie Humphrys-Dunne, using the beautiful red-coated Charlene the Star as her “spokeswoman”, communicates to young children that they need not be like everyone else but rather that they should pursue that which makes their heart soar. Charlene the Star first tries to fit in and learn to race but her heart was not in it. The beautiful horse finds a way to apprise her trainers of her unhappiness, and then with their help she discovers a different `career’that befits her talents and fills her with joy.From 5- star review by author/ publisher, Sarah Mazor

This was an adorable children’s book. It is full of positive lessons and even had me laughing a lot.
Charlene is a beautiful red head horse born into a family of famous racehorses. But she doesn’t want to be a racehorse like them. Charlene figures out she likes a whole different path and much to her surprise and happiness, she excels at it. From very young, her mother taught her that she would be loved no matter what path she chose. Charlene becomes friends with other horses, humans, and a handsome dog named Elliot. She builds beautiful relationships with them that reinforces the importance of friendship and love. From review by Shannon K. (5 stars)

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